Does anybody have a proposal form.

Hello All-
I am new to this and i have a few investors interested in investing in my construction company. I want to do this a professional as possible i want to give them an investment proposal. Does anybody have a copy of one that i can go off of and use as a guide?
Thanks in advance for all your help.

hello and good afternoon everyone,
i guess that nobody has a proposal form to share. my question is when you have an investor ready to invest in your project how and what format do you use to present it to them. i have 2 investors ready and willing to start but i have got to show them numbers and want to make it proffesional.
thanks for all your help this site is awesome these forums are very informative, even from iraq, will be home in missouri in just a few short weeks. lol
thanks again for you help in advance,

You say you have people wanting to invest in your construction company. Do you have a corporation or LLC set up already. Or is this a start up? If its a start up - just do a Business Plan. They can decide from that whether they want to invest. It will also work if you are already in business because you should have written up a Business Plan. It shows all the projected numbers, marketing, purpose, mission, etc.

thanks for the reply,
this business is a startup, we plan to form a LLC when we get the first one finished and get it sold. i appreciate you help.

Good luck ! great success.

If you decide to do the business plan, there is software out there (relatively cheap) that asks you questions about your business. With all the answers, it generates a really nice business plan you could use for investors, bankers, etc. It’s pretty cool.