does any one know anything short sell back to your self?

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I heard from some people that you can short sell back to yourself is this
true, and if it is how do you .


give us an example. this too general.

Yes, you need to be more specific. If you are the homeowner, then NO, you can’t conduct your own short sale, because the bank does not want you to profit from a loan on which you have defaulted.

what i gather is this person is thinking or has heard that he/she can have someone do the shortsale for him/her and he/she be the buyer

i would think the answer to that question is NO NO NO - geez if all the homeowners in this situation could buy their own home back as a short sale - imagine the possibilities

I have never heard of anyone being able to do that. If so I would love to hear how that worked.

If anyone has, I don’t think they could talk about it anytime soon; I’d think they were in jail. :flush

Never done it, never heard of it being done but I’d imagine you could do some version of it if you had a trusted friend or relative be the buyer, then at some point l/o it to the original H/O, or sell it to the H/O or let the original H/O take over an assumable mortgage.

I am not a lawyer nor do I play one on TV but I’d also imagine you could have an LLC that you control buy the house from you personally. However, financing the deal would be that much harder, and you would have to get even more creative.

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Sorry about the mis-understanding

what i heard, let stay you owe 150k on a mortagage and the house has declined to 120k i heard the bank are letting you refin and short selling it back to you at the 120k, Has anyone heard of this before.
and would this effect you credit.


I don’t believe that a lender is going to “discount” the mortgage balance just because of a decline in the property’s value; most of the country is going through that. What would be the lender’s motivaton? Usually they concede to a reduced payoff (SS) because it’s been shown to them, and they believe that they could loose huge amounts, plus holding fees, taxes, repairs, selling fees, etc. that will be incurred by them through a defaulted loan.

On the other hand, why wouldn’t a “homeowner” be able to buy back their property from an investor who was successful in the SS because of a loan in default by the “homeowner” (as long as the investor actually made the purchase, and it wasn’t transferred?). Only question may be if they could get financing because of the recent foreclosure on their credit report (how about owner financing from the investor, ha?).