Does any one have experience with Paul Esajian and Fortunebuilders program

I have sing up and invested in this program and wanted to ask if anyone could give some feedback on the program. I am also attending the boot camp !! Any info would be great !!!

I never heard of this group. But shouldn’t you have asked this question before you signed up and invested your money?

I did some research before but wanted move info , they have a program an A&E for rehab houses The companys name is TC homes and the other is fortunuebuilder he came and did a presentation on my local REA and then when to one off his clases… before I purchase the course…

After I posted I went online and did some research. I noticed on their site they don’t list the price of their products and seminars, (unless I overlooked them). I’m afraid to ask just how pricey they are.

$1999.00, I have been trying to find something that helps me move over the hill or the last wall I can seem to over come… I made this decision because if spending this money motivates me to make then for me is worth every single dollar… I have seen other program and that prices that range from $500 to 10,000. I was always waiting for the next best thing and thinking I did not have the money finally I am taking the chance with this program… I will keep u guys inform with the progress:biggrin

Of all the real estate seminar packages, that is probably one of the best ones. Why? The guys who run it, have literally done the work themselves, and are successful at it. People who teach many other of the workshops are just that, teachers, and they have little real world experience or have a lot of fluff (aka - no real good content) to build a good course on … think of Russ Whitney or the like. No thanks.

However, I always tell people you can find the same stuff in books for 1/100th the cost of a seminar, and you can always reread a book for free. You have to pay again to go to a seminar. So ultimately its not worth it for the vast majority of people.