Does any of this look familiar?

Excellent idea HoldAndBuy… although Random Ramblings covers it all, maybe the alternate investments forum could be a way to filter that one aspect out…

Thanks PositiveOutlook. I always look forward to reading about the calamities of the world on here.

The forum description needs to be a little clearer and more specific then. Ramdom Ramblings is described as: “Items not specific to real estate investing” Which to me would mean just about anything.


Ok I give up. U freakin nutballs need a place to spout your anti-government rhetoric more power to you.

Typical, I see this every day. Those that want to uphold the values of the Constitution are “nutballs.” Hmmm. :rolleyes

Anti-govt is not going along with liberal (tax&spend)ways of govt.???Sign me up as a "nutball"I guess. :rolleyes

Christopher must have been getting so many calls from nutballs that he needed to remove his phone number from his signature line.

Yeah,I noticed that too.Thats like when they call in talk radio shout out their jibberish then hang up.I would’nt want any libs calling me either thu,I’d much rather have the debate in person,although I’m not too sure that would go well.