Does a foreclosure have to be listed on MLS?

Im guessing that 90% of foreclosed homes that come on the market are listed by Coldwell Banker. It seems that every time a good deal comes up that they are sold when i call. I check the MLS everyday and act on them as soon as i see them. My experience with making offers is it usually takes a few days for the bank to get back on the offer. Anyways these homes are being sold under the table and then being listed. Is this legal?

You’re looking in the wrong place at the wrong time. You need to find them when they’re in preforeclosure, between the NOD and the auction.

I know i do, but i dont have the cash to buy them outright and need to get a loan in most cases. I know that this realtor has investors that they sell these houses to and then list them after the offer is already pending. Ive run into it a dozen times over the last year or so. Houses just dont sell that fast around here