Do your own Title search

Does anyone do their own? I am guessing that it is best to leave this to the pro’s.

I do my own because where I live it’s easy to find any and everything, including mechanic’s liens and the like in one place. That’s just for my cursory info, though.

Is it hard to do? Can I just go down to the courthouse and ask?

Most (especially small town) courthouses will allow you to do your own title searches…I would say that you should know how to do it but pay someone else a small fee to do it for you…



Ha. Thanks for the info and b-day wish Keith

Many counties have the information online. I do preliminary title check on my county clerk’s website to figure out what is owed and what is going on, but I like to get it professionally done.

There is a website that claims to do it for $160 and get it done in 3 days, but I have not used them yet.

I’ve found that learning how to do it myself gives me an advantage of knowledge. Yes, you can pay someone to do it, but why not in the beginning of your REI career learn as much as you can in the trenches? I think it’s helped me a lot to have seen what all this paperwork looks like and the inner workings of the courthouse. That’s just me though.

Do you have to physically go down to the courthouse to conduct your title searches? Or are you able to do it online? Is there any cost involved?

Every county is different. Some are online (but you have to pay) or you can get the same information in person for free. I haven’t had to go to the courthouse, but to the County Assessor’s or Recorder’s Office.

We used to do this ourselves most of the time. Now we have a full time employee who does nothing but title searches. I he also uses his knowledge of the courthouse, tax assessor’s office and central appraisal district office to find new deals for us. If I were getting started I think I’d learn to do them myself. You may want to hire someone who does them to walk you through a couple of searches because it can get tricky.

does anyone know how to use the county clerk’s web site in San antonio or anyt where? im trying to find out how to do the tittle search my self, but i am getting no where. I went to the office and the site they have at city hall is completly different then the one im trying to use at home. if any one knows or can walk me through the process i would be for ever great full. please help!

My title company does the title search of course after I submit them a contract. If the contract falls through (which happened to me a couple of times with Short Sales), they don’t charge me.

You can usually do a cursory one online from your County Clerk’s website. Check out this link to find your’s:

I’d put more stock in the Title Company’s search than my own. I did a cursory one b-4 the Title Company completed theirs & I missed a Child Support lien!!

True, if you plan to buy a policy, then you only need to learn to read the title commitment.