Do you use LinkedIn?

I’ve just spent time on the business site–“LinkedIn”. Have any of you found it useful? I was just browsing through it, very interesting.

I’m still haven’t found anyone who does specifically what I do–rent out fully-furnished rental homes, for 30 days or longer. I’m still working in that void, somewhere between a hotel and a regular rental house business. It gets real lonely here in the void sometimes. This site has been great, but I would love to get specific answers from ANYONE who does what I do.

Such as–What are your seasonal vacancy rates?
How many employees do you have for your units?
Any new marketing tips?
What are your worst contingency plans?
How much vacancy can you handle?
Cost-saving measures on utilities?
Safety checks protocol?
Liability insurance?
Exit strategies?
How do you value your business?


I use Linked-In in my business. I’m a self employed printer in South Jersey with a store front and 4 employees. I find linked in very helpful in identifying potential customers. As an avid networker the motto goes, “it’s not who I know, but who THEY know” that is a target customer. Linked in gives me that advantage in identifying people I want to be in front of. If I see a potential customer I can target the people I know to help me get in front of them. It also goes to credability of that person. Most people on Linked-In post previous jobs, bio’s etc. An excellent tool for any business or business person.

“Any new marketing tips?”
…Social networking is becoming very popular and shouldn’t be ignored. It attracts a whole new generation of people. President Obama used Twitter and Linked-In during his election campaign and it no doubt helped him get his message out to the country. How it can be used in this situation, I’m not sure, but I would give it a go anyway and start with people you know already. Your network will probably grow pretty quickly.


Thanks for the response. Yes, I feel I am behind the times in not doing more on-line marketing. I’ve had customers ask, “Is your business on Facebook, yet?”

I’m going to work on getting more marketing literate. More Linkedin.