Do you think college is still worth it?

What if i was going to return to college to get a degree and majored in real estate and or financial.

I would use loans for everything. All my tution, books, housing and food. I have some college already and it would take me a couple years to get a bachelors degree.

Im not sure what else to do. I can find an unskilled job like at a restaurant but what else is there anymore? Its like not much pays enough to survive, even with a college degree I may not be in any better of a position then now.

College loans would give me stability in housing. For years I have had constant financially insecurity and its been extreme in some times. With college I have some sense of belonging and security. I would end up with soooooo much debt. Currently I have no debt.

What would a degree majoring in real estate get me? A job of some kind?

Do I just keep grinding away as a small business owner struggling?

Any suggestions from old timers?

Ive been learning real estate for years now and its gotten me no where. How do you even get started with making money with real estate?

The old belief that education is worth it no matter what has caused the college debt crisis that we see today. All college degrees are not the same. There are 2 kinds of people that should go to college. Rich kids and people that want to make something of themselves. Rich kids can afford to major in French literature or music appreciation because it is all about your interests. Now when I say make something of you I mean if you get the degree and you are not who you were before you got the degree then go ahead. For example if you get a degree in English or even business you are still who you were before you got that degree. But on the other hand if you get a degree in nursing, engineering, accounting etc when you get that degree you are now a nurse, engineer or accountant. You have made yourself into that and the market rewards those degrees according. Ask yourself what you will be after the degree isf the answer is who you are now then don’t get the degree if the answer is I will be something else then get it.

I think we’re both wannabe wholesalers at this point.

With respect to this point college does not teach you how to make money. There is general knowledge and specific knowledge. College teaches general knowledge. For example college teaches an engineer how the property of entropy works but it doesn’t teach you how to design a refrigerator. How do design a refrigerator is specific knowledge but you can;t design a refrigerator unless you understand entropy. Making money with real estate is not taught in college. That is specific knowledge. College teaches how cap rates and comps are used to value properties but they don’t teach how you use this knowledge to make money. That knowledge of how to make money is specific knowledge. Specific knowledge you get from people doing it.


Blue, yeah, that is what I already know, but that is such a tough one to swallow. But also bookslike The Millionire Mind and The Millionaire Next Door each describe how college educations increase wealth. In my scenario it would assist me getting a “job” and thus getting me to lift up off the ground quicker. However, I get a lot of conflict in the workplace from co-workers especially post 2007 - folks fighting over peanuts. And Im an entrepreneur. Im the owner of my small business and I have taught myself basic Manager skills on my own.

There will continue to be be great jobs out there and they will continue to require a college degree of which I do not have. Think city planners, engineers, developers, governement jobs. I was enrolled for classes this semester and dropped them. It was for requirements, Art History and Anthropology. Online only, Sheez. I could just drive into Atlanta and visit the city and art museums and thats probably better.

Red – I have made offers on some properties. I mostly just drive for dollars and persue FSBO signs. Id like to persue wholesaling full time but Im in a financial squeeze. I actually have a nest egg saved now and wonder what to do with it. Honestly Im not a believer in wholesaling. Once I see and witness other newbies success, then, I might become a believer.

Dream - good answer. I want that safety feeling of being in college and having no reponsibility other then studying…

Knowledge is what increases wealth, and that can be gained without college.

The internet is a wealth of knowledge. This site is a wealth of knowledge.

I’ve researched the textbooks used in the classes I dreamed of taking in the schools I never attended…like Harvard…then just bought the textbooks and watched the free Youtube videos, and did the best I could.

Check out…or just google free classes and browse the first 5 non ad sites. You can take classes from MIT, Stanford, you name it, at home, for free, online.

Take the classes that apply to what you want to learn, make your own schedule, put it in your calendar and do it, if you want to. It’s all available and it’s all free. You just have to know how to use google and have some wifi. No biggie.

My best knowledge has come from experience and that experience has come from trying and failing and learning and trying and succeeding.

So don’t overthink it, just figure out your goal, make a plan and then do it.

I have my degree in business, but if I could go back, I would have just gotten into real estate right away.

My dad is a nuclear scientist with a PhD in aerospace engineering so college wasn’t a choice for me. I had to go. They were probably disappointed that I went to a cheap school, and not an Ivy. I just wanted to get into the workforce, I loved college and I loved learning, but I know my true education would come from doing. And it has. And it hasn’t stopped and it will never stop, life is a lifelong learning experience.

College is right if you are going into a career that requires it, like the medical field, or someone like my dad. It may be helpful but it’s not necessary for real estate investing.

Best to get out there and do it.

The way I have been flailing and struggling at severe low income level for a prolonged peroid of time has been seriously damaging for me. I do not know what it islike to make enough money to survive.

Its like during 2007 it was already a requirement for couples to have a dual income. Today in 2017 its looking more like a tri or quad (4+ people, roommates) to get by. Its a lot of financial pressure being solo. Kind soul crushing.

You or your husband must have at least had decent jobs somewhere along the line. It makes an immense difference in financial momentum.

Im stuck and its been years of being stuck. Knowledge is not helping me much.

What do you do?

Blue moon I think he does some landscaping. All ears, I started out broke and in debt like most of us. One job? Try four.

Yes my husband has a good job but we only got together last year. The ten years before him I waitressed and sold cars and worked as much as I could.

I’m assuming you’re young like in your twenties so now’s the time to work like a dog. Just a job doesn’t define you, it’s just a paycheck. As much as we all want to be billionaire real estate investors, you gotta start somewhere and you gotta pay the bills and eat. Don’t let pride or laziness get in the way of your awesome future.

Someday you’re going to look back on your financial position today and be proud of yourself and even miss it.

How you feel now is how you’re going to feel when you’re rich anyways, it’s the process and a journey, enjoy every step.

I’ve been exactly where you are with a waitressing job that often only yielded $10-$15 after hours of work, a beat to $h!t Honda Accord with dents, faded paint, and hundreds of thousands of miles on it.

Of course I wanted a cute car and a cushy job but I wanted to be in real estate more so I swallowed my pride and kept my paid off POS.

Yeah it sucks and we all have huge egos but if you can stay humble and have faith that your current position in life is temporary, you might even enjoy these simple times.

If you could do one thing to make your financial position better today what would it be?

Maybe sell something you don’t need on Fb marketplace or Craigslist? Then buy something on there cheap and resell it for more? That might be good wholesaling negotiating practice. And I’m assuming you have internet access…go make some lowball offers on stuff see what happens

Thanks for the words of encouragement, dreamchasing. Very cool.

Yeah I am in the same boat like you describe. I also had numerous pockets of long term unemployment, underemployment, and that whole racket. It was truly damaging. It makes me angry.

Yeah there are tons of people who are in great shape financially, who made all the right decisions, and never experienced the hardship.

I’m still on the real estate path, though. I’ve learned a lot at this site.


No, I don’t think finishing college would do you much good at this stage. You mentioned somewhere you were 21 back in 1980, meaning you’re now around 55 years of age. At this stage, people hire you for your experience.

I have a daughter who’ll graduate next year from college, majoring in Asian Studies. For her, while the degree will not help her professionally, it’ll make her competitive compared to others competing for the same jobs. Last summer, she got hired on the spot, behind the cosmetics counter at Macy’s, because she’s a college student, looks attractive, and personnel thought she spoke a foreign language because of her heritage. She doesn’t.

While she felt a bit giddy about getting the job so easily, I warned her that it won’t be so easy in 10 - 20 years, and she’ll have to progress professionally or educationally in the years ahead.

As for me, I have a BS in electrical engineering and MBA in Finance. The MBA helped me in the first few entry jobs in the first 10 years But after that, folks look to see what my job experience is. I became a system project manager in the installation of a computer system of a multi billion dollar company. Technically the engineering degree and MBA did not help me. They need someone who can also do programming, which in my case is self taught. The combination of my prior jobs, mainly accounting and programming, was the key.

I dabbled in real estate on the side. The NYU school of continuing education offers various certificates in Real Estate. I took a number of courses, about 5 or 6, among them: Property Management, Real Estate Accounting, Real Estate Sales, RE Marketing, Licencing course for Sales agents, a course on Doing Real Estate Deals etc. I get a good laugh after NYU because I know more about 1031 exchanges than local attorneys or CPA’s I talk to, and they thought I was an expert.

I did OK in Real Estate and would have done just as well without the NYU certificate. In going out doing deals you have to be hyped up, energetic, have a good sales personality etc. If you’re as frustrated as you currently are, it shows. Unfortunately, in your current situation, its doubtful you can do any of this. You mentioned you couldn’t even keep up doing your landscaping business because the weather is too hot, you get tired easily, and can’t put in a good days work.

Not giving medical advice, it’s quite possible you may be suffering from depression under the circumstances. I had a slight case of it years back, saw a doctor, and he prescribed Prozac. After I was on it for a day or two, thought I had springs under my shoes when I worked down the street. Getting treated is certainly a better alternative to “suicide” that someone suggested to you in the other thread.

If and when you move to NYC, I suggest you get yourself settled, take advantage of city programs here that help those 55 and over, with obsolete job experiences, settle into new careers. It’s free and can’t hurt.

I’m in my 20’s. I’m a millennial.


Sorry about that, must of got you confused with someone else.

If you’re in your 20’s, then finish college in night school, preferably in business administration, majoring in finance or accounting.

But if you plan to do real estate on the side, you’ll certainly need a car. In NYC, that and putting a roof over your head can be expensive.

I spent my whole life in NYC, and most of the creative real estate mentioned like wholesaling is not that doable here.I use to go to the local RE club in NYC and they organize trips to upstate NY Baltimore etc. to look at real estate deals.