Do you store a lot of supplies for your rental business at your own house?

I don’t mean small things like a toolbox, but larger items. Does it take up a lot of space? Do you keep most of it in the garage?

I am guilty of it :bobble

I have a three car garage where we can no longer fit a car :frowning: Most of the space is taken by my woodworking tools but a significant part (30%) goes for rental property/rehab supplies…

I too have a three car garage and I would be lucky to get a push lawn mower in it. I need to quit attending building material auctions…

I store my rental supplies in a storefront at one of my apartment buildings. My wife would kill me if I brought that stuff home!


Thanks. Besides blinds, paint supplies and tools, what other kind of things do you store? (I’m trying to get an idea of how much space is needed for this, thanks)

I have enough carpet in our garage to re-do a rental house. Most of our tools are in the shed attached to our house. We have another shed out back for the kids’ bikes, go-cart, etc. I don’t want to have a huge inventory of used appliances and things like that, but we’ll use one side of the garage to house whatever we need for the properties.

I have several refrigerators; a stove; six shelving units measuring 2’ X 4’ X 4’ with plumbing, electrical, paint, lighting, carpentry and hardware, and cleaning supplies; several ladders; stools; various doors; cabinet parts; flooring stuff; several electric heaters; lawnmower; lawn care chemicals and sprayer; lumber and plywood; tools; 5 vacuum cleaner; steam cleaner; rakes; shovels; snow removal salt, etc.


thanks for the replies

When you go into Lowes early Saturday morning you see stuff in the aisles. That is stuff that regional manager came in and told the store manager to get rid of before Monday so that they can remerchandise the store. That stuff is marked down pretty cheaply. I end up with kitchen sinks, toilets, all kinds of lighting fixtures ceiling fans and faucets. I also paint all my houses the same color. I buy the pain in 5 gallon pails. I have at least 1 and usually 2 pails at any given time. I have put decking in my attic with shelves. That is where I keep all my stuff.

I too frequent the Lowes Sunday clearance aisle. Wonderful stuff. I’ve gotten several 5gal buckets of paint for less than 15 bucks, light fixtures, tile, etc.

I have a detatched garage at one of my units I use for storage, as well as a good portion of my parents garage (that they can’t wait to have back).

I keep appliances on hand that people have given me, knowing I’m in the business. A couple fridges, a stove. I also keep paint, a full assortment of tools. Since I’ve done some flipping, I have pretty much every tool you need to build a house from the ground up.

For rentals, I keep the appliances, a bunch of extra locks, paint, a couple vacuums, and a carpet cleaner. Anything that breaks I can pick up pretty easily at lowes, so I don’t keep too many spare parts around unless I find them on a deep discount somewhere.

You have no idea of how much stuff is accumulated for FURNISHED homes. If I go to a sale, and bathroom rugs are a dollar, I buy 20. Plus we order linens en bulk from discount places.

So in the double car garage and shed by my house: Linens, blankets, pillows, carpets, tools, dishes, small kitchen appliances. Plus 4 more garages for major furniture and appliances. Plus a workshop full of broken stuff that must be cleaned out.