Do you notarize?

I have a HO that wants to sign an Option to purchase, tonight. I am planning on having a notary present to CMA. However, I have another HO out of state so how should I handle that the Option to Purchase with him?

I don’t seem to be reading that people here are notarizing these things. Why is that? Or are you doing it, yet not specifying that you are? TIA!

We never notarize anything until the actual closing, although when I close on a lease option, I will often have it notarized

Thank you for answering. I am just trying to CMA, tu sabes? I don’t want anyone trying to get out of the agreement by saying it was not them that signed it.

If you prefer having things notarized, run with it.

There’s no reason you can’t get something notarized for your out of state deal. You might not be there to see it, but that’s sort of the whole point of the notary, right?