Do you need to have a brokers liscense to advertise real estate business name

in yellow pages or have a websight

Depends. (and this might be different state to state so be aware) Are you selling your own houses that you own? For example if you are selling some houses you are flipping and your company is John’s Cheap Houses LLC I don’t see any reason why you can’t. I wouldn’t call it John’s Real Estate because that could be construed that you are a broker/agent and you might get in hot water. And certainly don’t try to sell someone else’s house in the capacity of an agent, that will land you in hot water.

Holy crap…Rich is back! Where have you been, big fella?

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Busy as crap and hiding out. Work full time, in school full time doing online classes so I don’t sleep much. Just closed on a house about a week and a half ago and girlfriend is up my ass about moving into it so I’ve been running around with that so its been a trip lately. :confused: On the positive side I bought the house at half of the price it was bought for by the last owner in 2006 (my favorite a**holes Bank of America took a $100k loss on it so that makes my day) and despite the major price downturn in my area I’m still about 60% of market value for my neighborhood. In fact one just sold on the next street that my inspector did the inspection on, he said it was smaller, crappier and all outdated inside and was 50% more than I spent. Mine was completely redone in about 2005 so new kitchen, bathrooms, etc. Only downsides were the pipes were stolen in the 2 years it was vacant, just from the basement though so it wasn’t too bad, and the gas furnace was prehistoric. Hot water heater was 2003 vintage but had no way to know if it would work and it was a cheapo, bad efficiency, model. For energy reasons and because I didn’t know if it was going to turn on after the pipes were all reconnected I had my buddy the HVAC contractor do a brand new 90% efficient gas furnace and furnace fired indirect water heater. All in all tomorrow when the furnace and pipes are complete I’ll have at least a 50-60% profit walking in. Not that it will be sold, will be my residence.

And stupid ass me because I didn’t sign enough closing docs this month I’m looking at condos to pickup a nice cheap rental, some steals in my town right now. Have some extra money to spend now so a condo seems a logical place to park it at this point.

Hi Rich, I live in Mass, and i’m in the mindst of developing my websight , do i need to add a inc. or an llc after title of business name, another Question I’m focusing on Lease options now, for example i sign a contract to purchase a home and i do a lease purchase with owner with minimal cash down and then i advertise that house on my websight as a rent to own house with large down payment and higher rent, is this legal in ma

To be an LLC you have to do so by way of either filing the paperwork with the state of MA yourself or by having an attorney do it for you. Your best bet is to call an attorney up and see what they would charge you to do that. They can also give you some more insight about the laws in your state for marketing.