Do you know what sucks? (Non-REI Rant)

It sucks whaen you live in Buttscratch, Colorado and the local TV station burns down JUST BEFORE the football playoffs!!!

Yeah, yeah, I know, “Move closer to the food, sir”!


Well, if it burned down before a HOCKEY game then we would have a problem…hehe

I am a Canadian gal

Well, actually, they were scheduled to show the Bruins/Rangers game – I’ve been a semi-fan of hte Rangers since back when they might actually win something!

That truly does suck Keith. Are you a fan of any of the final 4 teams? That would suck EVEN MORE!!

That won’t happen with satellite with local channels. I have both. I pay $9/mo. for basic cable. Just a thought… :biggrin

:beer GO GIANTS!!! :beer