Do you have to be atleast 18 to wholesale?

Iam currently looking for a good start in rei but iam 17 and i know i cant own property legal until iam 18 so i was looking into the bird dogging system and as wondering due you have to be 18 to wholesale…

You have to be 18 to enter into a legal contract-so yes, you have to be 18 to wholesale.

Thank you…

btw alaska

There is a building with i believe 3 unit up and downstairs a couple of miles from where i live and its kinda hidden and has been abandon for some years and very hard to see from the road but looks like it couls be a good fixer upper ill take a pic tmm and shw you it


where are you located at?

i also am young and looking for someone to help me out, maybe we can work together!!!


Iam located in Ocean Springs Mississippi
How about you?

Hello, Why not have your parents or legal guardian purchase it for you and then sign it over to you later when you turn 18?


Iam still learning as to what part of this i am wanting to go for. Iam thinking (of lease option) and i figure i should learn all i can until iam 18 then when i am of legal age i will start and know some knowledge

I’m with cmac. Have your parents transfer the property to you when you are of age. Just make sure you analyse everything in the deal. If it’s a good deal, you should be able to convince you parents why it’s a good deal. If you can convince someone who maybe isn’t into real estate investing why it’s a good deal, it’s probably a real good deal. :o