Do you have time as a REI?

I’m not an experienced real estate investor, but working a regular 9-5, my answers to those questions would be a resounding “NO”. That is why I started looking into real estate investing. Right now, by the time I get home, my 2 year old is on his way to bed, my 14 year old is still going strong, but by 9:00 or 10:00 at the latest I try to get her into bed. By then, I’m all worn out and haven’t had time to even have a bite to eat.

From my understanding, the average investor spends approximately 8-10 hours a week “working”. However, I believe once you get deeper into it, you’re always working, whether your family is with you or not. You never stop looking for a good deal and the more savvy you become, your eye will start seeing the possibility of good deals everywhere!

I have been doing RE Investing for 8 years and had a full time job the whole time. I only do 1-2 deals per year, but the time commitment is a function of what you are doing (rehab, landlording, flipping) and how much you already know and how much you like to research your deals. Spending 400+hr per year (i.e. 8hr wk) is not unreasonable even doing a small number of deals. Probably one of the things that makes a difference is having (or not having) a job with some flexibility of hours, ability to make phone calls during the day, etc. Researching on the Internet at 1am is one thing, but get a deal to go requires time during daylight hours; there is no way around this.

With that said, real estate is great becuase there are always deals to be had. If life events don’t allow time for some period of time, then you can go inactive, but it kind of like riding a bicycle. For example, I don’t plan to do any more deals this year since I have a new baby on the way and will be busy changing diapers instead of looking for the next deal.

The answer is Yes to all questions well for me anyway! There are more millionaires made in re then anyother business so I guess my question is do you have time not to invest? LOL good to see you again!

My 2 cents… I have days when I am going 8 hours a day. I have days when I am going 12. Then I have days when I golf, go to dinner with my wife, and play catch with my son. It is all in how you structure your business and your life. Balance is key to life. Good luck to you.

I think if you are a real estate investor you have to play a fair amount of golf lol. I have never met anybody in real estate who doesnt golf! :slight_smile: me included. That is why I am getting into this.

I agree with aflex. golf is the key. not only to RE but to life. GOLF MEANS BALANCE!

<I agree with aflex. golf is the key. not only to RE but to life. GOLF MEANS BALANCE!>

…and frustration…and, in my case, bent clubs!!!



Ok so are yall saying we better learn how to play golf? lol And I suppose putt putt is out of the question. :wink:

“I have never met anybody in real estate who doesnt golf!”

Allow me to introduce myself…I’ve NEVER played golf.

Our son is grown & out of the house w/a life of his own.

The misses & I are full time real estate professionals.

We work hard & play even harder. I have 29 baseball hats that line the ceiling of my home office (soon to be 30). I purchased a different hat for every vacation, getaway, or major event we’ve attended. I’ve only been collecting for the past 4 years (wish I’d started collecting sooner).

Hats are from: Helicoptor ride on Kona over Kilauea. Another coptor cap from Kauai–flew over Waimea Canyon & the Napali Coast.

2001 Baseball Playoffs / 2002 Basketball Playoffs / 2003 Hockey Playoffs

Palm Springs, San Francisco, Puerto Villarta, Hot August Nights-Reno NV, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Vegas, The Grand Canyon, Tahoe, Cabo San Lucas, San Diego…

Mount Rainier, San Juan Islands, Maui (twice), Oahu (twice), Ross Lake Floating Resort & Mazatlan.

Yeah…I’d say I enjoy life!!!


where are you located? just go to the driving range and swing with the GODS…lol

I’m in Texas. And believe me with my golf skills the GODS would be the only safe ones around…lol And don’t even get me started on my pool game, that’s just pitiful…lol

ehh, you be fine. are you married? get yur hubby into it to. it awesome. so hows the market in texas? im in fla.

Yes I’m married and I’m not sure how the market here is since we’re just getting started, but everything I have read so far sounds like the market is great. :slight_smile: You just have to know what you’re doing. What part of Fla are you in? I lived in Ocala for about 6 years many years ago.

born in miami and grew up in mt. dora… you need to find yall a mentor. thats the ticket. why did you leave ocala? i heard texas is smokin in RE right now.

what happend to you? hows it going over there?