Do you have an ad in the YellowPages?

Hey guys,

I am thinking of running an ad in the yellowpages. The ad would cost $1000/month with 1 year commitment. Anyone has ads in yellowpages? what is the ROI you are experiencing?

Depends on how much you have to spend on your advertising.
That would be too much for me, since I’m in a small town and word of mouth is the best advertisement.
I do keep an ad running in our hometown paper, I have a website and think that pulls a great many people, I have signs in MY yard and yards of the properties I’m trying to sell and I have magnetic signs on my car.
I also make friends with the manager of the hotel/motels here. They have people that come into town, stay in the motel and look for homes.
I give them my cards, stay in touch with them and take them out to a nice dinner once a month…or give them a gift card for a nice dinner.
That pays better than a yellow page ad for me.
BUT you may have a much larger advertising budget.

Thanks Dee. The ads would cost $1014/month with one year commitment, that is why I am asking. I will have few months to decide still. I think it is something I want to do, but that is a lot of money at this point in the game for me.

It would be We Buy Houses type of ad.

I did it and it was the biggest waste of money ever! I had a quarter page ad that cost 900 bucks a month with a 1 year contract. I would say only do it if you’re in a low income market where there are a lot of ugly houses and not much competition in the book. then its worth it… otherwise, its a waste of money.

That is what is worrying me. It will cost me $1014/month with 1 year contract. I decided to hold off on it. Another investor in town told me she is not getting much calls but the ones she gets are usually serious to sell. I will use the $1000/month and put it towards direct mailing.

Fadiz, I would pass if I were you…12k is a lot to be locked in for w/o a gauranteed return…If you spend a grand on 100 bandit signs and target a high foreclosure area, your phone will buzz like crazy. To a certain degree, your area and competition are going to dictate the medium that you choose to market in but initially that 12k can be used a lot more strategically than the Yellow Pages



Thanks Lux,

I decided against the yellow pages and I am going to use bandit signs, and direct marketing.

Did you expect the other investor to tell you the truth and create a competition for himself? ::slight_smile:

Do you honestly think all investors are afraid of competition? if so, why have local investor groups and help each other?

hey, If you are doing something unique that no one else is doing, would you tell everyone about it? Say, you advertise in YP and do 5 deals a year off of your ad there. Would you want someone else to put his or her ad there, so the number of deals you will be getting from YP ad will cut in half ?