Do you have a business website ?

I need a website to post my rentals. I’d like to be able to accept payments and have a couple of links to interior items that I sell. Any advice on how to get a great site for a great price?

There are sites set up just for realtors and they are inexpensive. They range from five dollars per to thirty dollars per month. The good thing about realtor sites is that they have forms and documents to keep track of potential customers. When they do a search, you get a copy of the search and their email address. It is wonderful and not too intrusive.

Hello there, I’d like to add that if you cannot afford to invest in websites and would like to start small, there are a lot of free site hosting options available. You could get a free subdomain, pay the domain owners for your transactions and when you can afford to buy your own domain, you could do so. For example, myproperty(dot)webs(dot)com. Hope I helped. :slight_smile:

How much are you willing to spend on a website?
I think if you can answer this,then you can can proceed and explore your options.

There are also quite a number of forums where you can send in your listings at a low fee; you just need to look around until you find what suits your needs.

Hi, can you give us some links or names of some of these websites you are talking about? Thanks

Depends on how many properties you offer. If you’ve got numerous then having a website is very ideal for you. In my case, I only have 2 so I don’t wanna spend too much for that. I have an online advertiser that posts on free listings so as to spread the news. Affordable and effective. After a few days, I’ve already have multiple inquiries. 2 weeks then I’ve closed the deals.

There are tons of options you can choose from. I like using wordpress with my own domain most. :slight_smile:


First question will be how much.

But if it is your first time I suggest that you should look for free directory listing & free hosting pages in the web.

It actually works.

If you are posting new properties all the time then it might be a good idea to start a website. Have you tried using social media to get your property listings out there? Might be a good avenue since you are unsure of your budget?

Install WordPress for your domain, and search the plugins for “real estate” and it should list several real estate-related plugins. Many are free and are well-rated with thousands of downloads.

Check out the “FireStorm Professional Real Estate Plugin.” 14k plus downloads and a good rating.

I was curious about one of the things you said you wanted from your website. You said you want to be able to accept payments for rentals. Do you know how you’ll be accepting payments? PayPal often comes to mind and I know of investors who have used it for similar things, but I’m not actually sure how PayPal feels about that. Their policy is that you can’t use it to pay for real estate, but I’m not sure about rentals.

So you might need a merchant account to do that. I have some ideas but would have to give that some more thought.

I’m curious because I provide websites for real estate investors and I have occasionally come across ones who want to accept payments online. Is anyone else doing this? What are you using for the payment gateway?

As far as the website itself, I agree with some of the previous comments, that I like WordPress a lot. However, just because WordPress itself is free, it doesn’t mean you won’t have any expense with the website. It’s usually pretty easy to spot a do-it-yourself or amateur website. I’d recommend if you’re able to hire someone who knows what they’re doing to make it look nice, or at the very least buy a nice-looking theme as a starting point. You can always start fairly simple and improve it with time though.


PayPal will process rent payments.

[b]Service Requiring Pre-Approval[/b]

Airlines and scheduled or non-scheduled charters/jets/air taxi operators; collecting donations as a charity or non-profit organization; dealing in jewels, precious metals and stones; acting as a money transmitter or selling stored value cards; selling stocks, bonds, securities, options, futures (forex) or an investment interest in any entity or property; or providing escrow services.

I’ve never heard of them disapproving rent collections, or lease/option payments. We do this with no problems.

That said, if you come to the attention of PayPal, because your tenant complains about something you’re doing with their payments, that they didn’t agree to do, then you might end up with some problems. However, I can’t hazard a guess what they would do, except refund money.

My advice is to keep the PayPal transactions SIMPLE and straight-forward.

Also, when it’s time for a rent adjustment, you need to make sure that any automatically scheduled payments are stopped, so that your tenant isn’t getting charged twice in a month for rent.

The issue with PayPal is that if you got a LOT of rent money coming in, they become an expensive alternative for payment processing.

In CA, you can no longer insist that senior citizens, make online rent payments …from PayPal or anywhere else. However, they ‘can’ volunteer. I give everyone a choice of ‘auto-payments’ or direct deposit, or sending me a check. However, I must have the money in my hand/account, on the first business day, or it’s late.

Wordpress can also host a website for you for free. You might have some limitations but what more can you ask for something free?

Why can’t you go for classified sites? and you can build a website through wordpress too