Do You Carry A Gun On Housecalls?

Do You Carry A Gun On Housecalls? When a seller says, “Come out and take a look at my house?”

How about when a potential renter wants to meet you at a property?

No I don’t. But if you join the police force you could carry one all the time. If your meeting a seller at his house chances are he has already had pospective buyers there minamizing the odds of needing a gun. On the renter issue, have the prospect fax you a application. That should give you a good idea if you even what to deal with that person.

In Ohio you have to take a gun safety course and be licensed to carry a concealed weapon. I am licensed, but rarely carry. I would never carry a weapon to look at a house someone is possibly selling me, b/c there is no danger in that situation. About the only time I carry is if I am working on a rehab late at night in a low income area and am in my house alone.