Do You Always Ask What They Owe?

When you get calls from owners for a potential deal do you always ask what they owe own their house? Or do you find that many people are offended by that question?

I’ve heard to make it non-personal.
Like “Do you happen to know what the balance of the mortgage is?”
or something like that.
Just don’t say - how much do “YOU” owe?

To be able to figure out what type of deal or if there is a deal. You must ask. You have to know all the facts so you can make the numbers work in your favor.



Ease into the question… ask first what their loan terms are. You can say:
“So, did you get a pretty good loan when you bought it?”
Then comment on their rate: “Oh, good for you! Low rate!”
“Do you own it free and clear or do you still have a balance?”
“Oh, I see. Do you have an idea about how much the balance is?”, etc.

Just be real conversational about the whole thing and they’ll usually be quite open.

I got on the SDAT website and check the balance.
If you have to never ask derectly make it look like a conversaion…

What’s the SDAT website? I’ve never heard of that.