Do you allow tenant to keep a gun

for self-defense, if they have a permit?

Yes as I probably would never know and is none of my business and not specified in my lease.

Agree w/ Redhawk. I’m not going to know and that gun isn’t going to tear up a property like a pet.


Absolutely, I thought that was a right guaranteed by Federal Law!


Who is a landlord to override state/federal law?

Now if it’s illegal, that’s covered under another clause in the lease for illegal activities and I’ll press charges personally.


I asked because they decided to tell me they have one on the day of move in. :rolleyes

I don’t have anything against guns, my only concern was that if they (the tenants) shot an intruder in the house that the injured party could sue me as well as the tenants for their injuries. But I found out that my state has a very gun-friendly “stand your ground” law that supposedly makes you immune to civil lawsuits in this event.

Sure. All my tenants have guns. Even the little old lady on social security owns a hunting rifle.

This is huntin’ and fishin’ country. At least three of my tenants also have hunting bows, which I consider to be as deadly or even more deadly than a gun.

I think the projects forbid guns on the property but I have no idea if my tenants have guns or not. I don’t know if they wear boxers or briefs or what brand of beer they drink either.

But on the serious side if your tenant shoots someone you are going to get sued. You always get sued. It is only if they can win or not. You have liability insurance that will send a lawyer in to run your defense and if you loose your insurance will pay.

Well i wont be allowing my tenants to do this as it may be risky and can cause problem in future but if they have licensed and have a copy of that in the with the cops record than can think of to give a permit.

Do you not allow minorities in your units, also?

It’s the same thing…you’re depriving someone of their rights illegally and without due process. You might want to look at the US Constitution and the Amendments…I would specifically draw your attnetion to the 2nd Amendment and the 5th Amendment.


DISCLAIMER: I am not a lawyer and do not play one on TV. Your mileage may vary. Consult a doctor before embarking on any new workout regimen.

I’m not a lawyer, either, but I can’t see where you are depriving anyone of their rights by not allowing guns in the apartment.

There are lots of places where guns aren’t permitted, and the tenant can still own all the guns he wants to own. The landlord isn’t telling him he can’t own guns. He just needs to store them elsewhere. Surely, there can’t be any city anywhere in the USA that doesn’t have a gun club where guns can be stored.

By the way:

My tenants are carefully screened and I don’t expect to ever have any problem because they have hunting fifles and target shooting guns. However, some of ther applicants I have had lately, it would scare the piss out of me to think that they have guns at their disposal.

I’m not rejecting them because they have guns. I don’t know if they have guns or not. I’m rejecting them for bad credit, criminal records, lousy landlord references, and lack of income.

Just make sure you put it in the lease agreement. Double check it with a lawyer first to make sure you won’t run into any 2nd ammendment or state law issues.

A quick google turned up a bill passed in Montana that prohibits landlords ability to implement a “no gun” policy. See section 6.

Guns… REALLY? Couple questions…
How would you know if they have guns?
What threat do guns pose that would not already be there by tenants who misuse guns?
In 95% of the country people can legally own guns most of the time without a “permit.”
I suggest you gain some knowledge on guns and gun owners. People think there are all these magic laws that make it hard to own a gun and that is simply not true.
Do you let your tenants have knives, because that would just be outrageous.

yuppp!! that would be none of my business…
but just for my concern i would let myself known…

i would have never!!! for safety reasons…

This question is like asking about what kind of sex the tenant is having in his bedroom. There is no way for me to find out. Here in the great state of Texas we can get a concealed handgun license. If you have a license and you have a handgun on you and the police see it guess what….it is not concealed and you get a ticket. If my tenant has a gun I will never know it unless he is brandishing it. In that case I evaluate his actions versus his lease where it requires him not to infringing on the peaceful use of the property to his neighbors.