Do what you do best and outsource the rest!

Do what you do best and outsource the rest!

I always get asked the same question! What do I need to do different to be a success in REI!

Creative Marketing!

– Think hard-- What can I do different to make myself stand out above the crowd!

Why make your bandit sign’s say the same thing as everybody else’s?

Why run basic ad’s? get creative!

How do I get paid as an investor?

three way’s front (at closing) back (after sell) residual (everymonth)!! I like to get paid all three way’s!

Where do I pull my own comp’s?

Why don’t you call your appraiser? My appraiser pull’s comp’s for free! They know they will get an appraisal or 2 or 100 out of it and it only take’s them 5 min. per house keep them busy so you do not have to be!

Where do I get the funding with my credit?

Call a Loan officer ask what kind of programs they have for investors ask what HML (hard money lender) they know in your area!

What can I do if I have bad credit?

–Bird Dog–Find properties below market and sell them to other investors for a profit!

Here is what you really need

  1. Creative marketing
  2. A good mortgage company
  3. A good title company
  4. A good Appraiser
  5. 20 or so good realtors to find deals if they find it I buy it and sell thru that realtor
  6. A contact to really good investor’s
  7. An assistant

These are the answers to most basic question’s please add to this!


Robb, what is a comp? The other fella in another post was reffering to a “comp” as a company. I think you mean something else…is it computations of some kind?

Do you have appraisers all over the country? Or is there a fella you call that knows that subject and can appraise without seeing the property?

Comparable sales for the area meaning what are like properties selling for in the area!