Do They Really Work??

Be honest with me do “Bandit Signs” really work??

Yes. For me at least, bandit signs seem to be the most effective form of advertising. Unfortunately, they are “illegal” in ALL of the towns in my target area. So … now I only put them out at select locations on Friday afternoon (when the municipal code enforcement officers are gone for the weekend) and take them down on Sunday night. I’ve never had a call from the code officials using this method.


I will be honest - yes

The way around municipal codes and violations and stuff like that is through an untraceable voicemail. Then you can just screen your calls from there on out. Thankfully the laws in my municipalities aren’t so strict I don’t have to worry about it. But I still have the Hosted messaging to keep my personal cell from being blown up.

The purpose of any marketing is to get people to respond. If you put out bandit signs you’ll get calls. So yes they really work.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll land a deal though…that will depend on you…

What exactly is an untraceable voice mail…?

Can anybody in this forum
explain to me what a BANDIT SIGNS
are? Thanks very much and comments
are well appreciated.

They are the signs that you see around town, “We Buy Houses”, “We Buy Ugly Houses”, etc.


:banghead Seriously, do a search!!! You’ll find several people describing their exact results, including me.

I got calls when I put out bandit signs. A lot where taken down and some calls where from the city to not put them up but if you target the right areas YES, you will get calls.