Do these remodeling prices seem correct...?

Do these remodeling prices seem correct if you are paying a contractor / subcontractor to do the work?



Some of them look pretty good but I would question the bathroom remodel number of 7k-12k unless you were going for very top of the line.

Kitchens and baths are the money rooms and should be the most expensive. The 8k price doesn’t specify what it covers and how extensive the remodel is so that is difficult to judge. The $22 sf tile price is off the boards. If you were using a butt jointed travertine in 18" size your install price would run $7.50-8.00 per square foot and you can get very high quality travertine for $4.50 per sf. So, top of the line should only run you about $12.50 max. Porcelain installs generally run $4-5’ depending on the material and how it’s laid. Prep work can increase the price but even adding demo to that at $2.00 per sf should bring you way under the figure of $22…hope that helps…I have done bathrooms here in Las Vegas and on the east coast suburban Boston ranging from $8,000 to $45,000. That is with 25+ years contracting experience

If you are in Austin I guess the prices might work. I thing they are all high. There are no basements in Houston, but for $50,000 I can replace a house minus the land. I can replace a gas A/C for $1500 they are saying $2600. I guess these are retail prices for this stuff.

They also show the bath addition the same price as the remodel…Don’t know how they figured that…

if you want to have your ceramic tile laid, i’ll do it for $8/sf… :cool

those prices are high.

Pretty expensive water heaters too. 40 gal gas at Lowe’s for what… $250? Or is that for install too?

I guess worse case scenario you come way under budget and pocket more $$$$…not so bad. :cool