Do realtors often invest?

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:slight_smile: Yep, it’s me the chatty newbie. I’m interested in learning a lot more about REI, but feel I need a mentor to take me under their wing. These forums are absolutely invaluable, but for firsthand experience in my area, I know I’ll eventually need to get AWAY from the computer. lol

So my question is - are realtors often also investors in property? If I was to contact a number of realtors to ask if they needed an assistant or a bird dog, would they think I was nuts for asking? I just figured that realtors might be some very busy investors, since that is their business…makes sense to me. And…it doesn’t hurt to ask, right? (Or does it?)


most do not. if you find one that does, keep them. they’re a great resource.
however for general birddogging make sure they’re not too smart, otherwise they might pounce on the best deals and give you the ones they didn’t like for themselves.

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile: I think I need to do a LOT more reading - both on these boards and offline. Thought I’d mention a great book I’ve been reading. “The New No-Nonsense Landlord” by Richard H. Jorgensen. Filled with great information on how to get started landlording and a very practical guide.

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the best one on landlording that i’ve read it called “landlording” by Leigh robinson.

There’s more than 1 million Realtors® now. The vast majority do not invest. I’ve only met a handful of successful investors who have their licenses a well. I’d say maybe 10% have investment properties and less than 5% are true investors.

& of the 1million realtors, 50% are in California!!!

In Texas, it feels like 50% of the investors are from CA too!

thats because they are.
i recently read that all the money that people have made in California is making them refinance
their homes and invest in other states, driving up the prices there too. they call this the california effect.

And to think that I once thought the California effect was caused by movie stars, potheads, surfer dudes and bikini babes. Ah, those were the days.
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