Do investors consider getting a property from a Agent taboo?

Hi Everyone,

I have begun “bird dogging” so to speak and have found some nice investment propety listings through real estate agents. Are investors willing to buy a property that might be a fixer upper or foreclosure that is below tax apprasial and/or FMV? Any thoughts or comments on this would be greatly appreciated.


Howdy Frank:

There are all kinds of investors out there from all over the world. Some are like bullfighters and do not want chickens in the ring spooking the bull. Others are like myself and as long as there is a deal to be made I will take a shot at it. The last two deals i paid full commission plus 500 bonus each. I tried to buy two once from a wholesaler who had them under contract thru a Realtor. The deals still good.

A lot of times on pre-foreclosures the investor will ask the agents to step aside especially if there is little equity.

You will probably find it easier when reselling to investors that want to keep the property as a rental. They can pay more than a rehab gal using HML’s and reselling

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