Do I need to register my business name?

Hello everyone!

I’m a brand new investor and this is my first post. Hopefully, within time I will be an active member on this site and become able to provide useful information to those who ask questions.

Anyway, my question is this: Do I need to register my business name($40 in Texas) even though I will not be setting up an entity(LLC-$400+) just yet.

I am entering the world of REI by wholesaling and since I will be assigning contract I have very little liability, if any at all. Once I build some capital and move into different areas of REI I will definitely setup an entity.

Until then, do I face any problems if I use my business name without officially registering that name with the SOS?

I know this is probably a stupid question but any input would be helpful.

Thanks! :beer :help

You must register if you plan to operate using a name other than your own and you may or may not need a business license.

Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it.

I started getting a headache reading through the State’s website so I thought I would try it out here.


Thank you all, I have solved the problem! :flush