Do I need to put screens on the windows?

I’m just finishing up a rehab of a 1927 colonial style sfdu in Florida. The windows are the original double hung, all refurbished and in working order. There are no screens or storm windows (storm windows not really necessary in florida). In your opinion do I need to put screens on the windows? Will a potential buyer even notice if they are missing? If they do notice is it likely to be a big turnoff?

Thanks for your opinion/experience.

Personally, I would put them all on or take them all off…or maybe only have them in the bedrooms…


Currently there are no screens on any of the windows…so are you saying that I should just leave it that way? As a homebuyer, would you notice?

Most buyers will not notice…if it is a huge deal for them, you could negotiate it.


I agree with Keith. I would leave them as they are.

I wouldn’t spend the money unless someone brought it up as an issue. Some people like screens, others may not, so why spend it up front. Just wait and see if it’s an issue. Negotiate like Keith suggested.