Do I need to follow building codes whenI repair my staircase?

May I seek your kind advcie and experience in the following:-

I recently invested a small 2 storey complex-15 units apts build in 1972.
I found the staircase not too strong,maybe the wood are a bit old.I am thinking to put some strong bars to support the staircase.

Question-do I need to ask city permit to put the bars to support the staicase?
Do I need an acrchitect to tell me a plan to do the supports?

I thought this are simple enough to do it myself by getting contractors to do the supports for the staircase.Am I missing something the lwas requires me to do?

Thank you

Question: A tenant falls through the weak staircase you knew about, but repaired as best you could, by yourself – are you willing to pay that claim?

Have the staircase inspected by a licensed structural engineer. Then you will know exactly what you have to do to repair the problem. Call around and get rates, I used one a few years back for a wall/roof support issue and his fee was $350 to inspect the problem and give me a written report as to exactly how it was to be repaired. Then I had my general contractor take care of it.

Good luck to you!

Thank you very much T miSpartan.

Can anyone help to refer me to licensed structural engineer or architect in Austin that charge a reasonable price for a report?