Do I need a real estate license

Hi all, this is my first time here.

In a nutshell I need to know if I need a real estate license for a new business idea that as of today I am starting the business plan for. Right now I am looking for “deal killers” of the business.

The business concept is for land owners to allow others to use their property for recreational purposes. Example: People who want to bird watch, or hike on private land…

I would not be showing the property, but I would help in the lease agreement (which would be between the user and landowner), and act as the middleman between the users and land owners regarding problems, renewals… I would also be advertising someone else’s property. I was told that something like this is more of a “use licence” more than an actual lease because the users are being given permission to perform a certain activity with no rights to do anything else. Do I need a real estate license?

The business would start in Michigan and hopefully expand to other states.

Thanks for your advice.