Hi all

I have a question.

I live in St Petersburg, Florida. I want to do joint ventures with investors. What is the best way to go about doing this legally?

According to a contract, I received yesterday from an investor this is what my responsibilities would be:

  1. I locate property for sale, negotiate with seller, recommending the terms and timing of the acquisition of the Property. With all recommendations must be approved by MR. REAL ESTATE INVESTOR of course.
  2. I will provide “Comp” Analysis.
  3. I will arrange for inspection and appraisal of the Property to be acquired by qualified professionals.
  4. I will arrange and oversee Rehab Work.
  5. I will market property FOR SALE BY OWNER and recommend the terms and timing of the sale of the Property with approval of MR. REAL ESTATE INVESTOR.
  6. Should MR. REAL ESTATE INVESTOR decide to rent property I will oversee that as well.

Do I need a real estate license here in Florida to do this.
if i do i will go get, but until i do what is another way to do this legally

Also can someone explain an open close?

The “job description” you listed (and assuming FL has laws similar to PA) consists of activities that can only be done by somebody with a real estate license. If you are a principal in the deal (ie, you sign the contract with the seller and then assign your contract to another investor for a fee), then you wouldn’t need a RE license.

so ineed to change the wording on this contract.
can some give me an example of what wording to use