Do I have options other than a HELOAN?

If I wanted to pull money out of the equity of my home, is a HELOAN the only option I have? I don’t want to mess with a variable rate on a HELOC but I feel a bit limited by only being able to do a HELOAN.

I have no mortgage and one previous HELOAN on which I owe $40,000.
My home is appraised by the county(always a little low) at $121,000. This leaves me $81,000 in equity.

If I wanted to pull out an additional sum of money($10Kmin-$35Kmax), are there any other options?

This is a uneducated question but is it possible to do a cash-out refi on my HELOAN. :banghead

Any and all comments/suggestions are always appreciated! One day I will be answering others instead of asking all the questions.

Thanks for your patience! :beer