Do I have an advantge bird dogging working for a builder?

Do I have an advantage bird dogging working for a builder? I am a Sale Counselor? Or mabey I am doing it now and dont know it??? I am Confused…??

Howdy James:

One advantage you may have is if one of the buyers of a new house has to sell their existing house to buy the new one. You would have first hand knowledge (inside trader in the stock market) of a house that is for sale and you could turn an investor on to the lead as a bird dog for a fee.

As a salesman you are not really bird dogging just as a Realtor is selling houses for a commission. A bird dog just supplies about houses that may be available for sale. One example is I give a guy in Killeen $500 if I buy a property that he finds for me. He drives around and locates vacant stuff and FSBO signs. All he gets for me is the address and phone number if there is a sign.