do contracts from office suply stores work?

I bought a Real Estate Forms Kit from Staples by Socrates, are these contracts good to use? It has a 5 page sales aggrement that looks like its geared more towards protecting the seller insted of the buyer. Does anyone on this fourm use these contracts or are they garbage? And is a 1 page contract better to use? If so is there any websites that I can download a contract legal for Arizona? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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They do for the office supply store…

Boiler plate contracts work as long as you never end up in court over the deal.

Seriously, pay a couple hundred $ and have a lawyer write you a contract that is legal for your area and will stand up to your local judges (who sopmetimes don’t care what the law actually says).

For rental agreements, if there is a large landlord association in your area, they sometimes have their own lawyer write a contract that all the members use. They sell copies of the contracts pretty cheap.

You can also ask fellow wholesalers in your area for a copy of theirs.