Do BirdDogs Get Burned ?

So birddogs have their eyes and ears open for what looks like a good wholsale deal. When they come across this how do they relay this information to an investor with the certainty that they will get a referral fee and not have the investor just say "oh it wasnt worth it ,blah blah nlah, becuase after all the birddog is inexperienced and cant really know whats going on? Or is there a contract that comes into play here???

It is in the best interest of the wholesaler to be on excelent terms with his birdog.

BirdDogs are worth every penny of a $500 or $1000 referal fee. Any investor who would try and cut one out is not going to last in the business.

I’ve taken two courses on bird dogging and they both said the same thing: An investor would be foolish to burn a good bird dog because then the bird dog would never provide leads to that investor ever again. Smart investors don’t begrudge the bird dog fee because the investor profit is so much higher.