Do bandit signs work better than newspaper ads?

Or should I use both. I want to start wholesaling pretty soon here. Thanks for your advice in advance.


I’d have to say it depends on where you live. Tim and I have a friend in Dallas who uses nothing but bandit signs. He buys 4 or 5 houses a month and that’s the only advertising he does.

I’m sure they’d work great for you in Houston.

I recommend buying them at

Tell them you heard about them through REIClub.

Usually you will do some of both. If I had to pick one or the other, I’d go with the signs, bigger exposure and you get to pick the specific areas. It’s a little more targeted this way. If you have the budget use signs and ads in shopper guide type magazines, especially the ones that get mailed to people. Kathy

I would pick newspapers. But when I say newspapers, I mean a community newspaper. They are more affordable and target a specific area rather than mass exposure like a mainstream newspaper.


Whe we used penneysaver newspapers… Our ads were clustered in with other investors… there still is anywhere from 12 to 20 ads at a time running…

Well, you know what folks do… they call everyone of them and go down the list… and they don’t make a decision until they’ve talked to all…

Just a waste of time as far as I’m concered…

Not to mention… You get a deal this week… but, not one the next… maybe 3 weeks later you get another… can’t plan a business that way… can’t just go out and do business as you choose…

David Alexander

Where can find out if bandit are signs are illegal in my state?

What state are you in?

I’m worried that people are going to steal mine…

I bought 50 and plan to put them all over Orlando, FL…

And when I drive around in two weeks… I bet they will have been taken down by the competition…


I’m obviously biased…but…bandit signs work great. I’ve never been a fan
of newspaper ads as it’s a dying media.

The best way to prevent attrition of your signs is to pick them back up.
Try this…place them out Friday night through Sunday afternoon.

Code Compliance doesn’t work on the weekend so you’re protected from the
“Sign Police”. :evil

It depends upon where you live,use local newspaper and bandit signs both if you are not sure