Do a website requires both XML and HTML sitemap path?

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Do a website requires both XML and HTML sitemap path to rank in Google, or any one of them is enough to boost the ranking in SERPs?


A website only need ONE sitemap.XML to rank better on Google.

Sitemap.XML can be hosted at the root folder in your hosting.

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Yes, the website must include both sitemaps as HTML will be helpful for website visitors to navigate through your website and XML will be helpful for search engine spiders to crawl your website properly.

Both XML and HTML sitemaps are important for a website to get rankings in Google.

A sitemap tells google about the different pages in the site.If you have an XML sitemap, that’s enough.You do not need 2 sitemaps to do the same job.

The purpose of an XML site map is for Google
A company site map allows the USER of the site to get to search for pages in another manner

It is not mandatory to have both sitemaps in Google but its good if you have.XML sitemap is for the search engines and HTML for the users.XML sitemap helps to improve ranking in serp.

HTML sitemap is for Human’s to know the navigation of the website, whereas XML sitemap is for bots. A website need to have both the sitemap. As from ranking point of view XML sitemap is required and from user experience point of view HTML sitemap is important.