Divorce and Foreclosure - how do I buy my house

How do I buy my house from my husband without him finding out its me trying to buy my own home?

Very bitter divorce and anything I want he won’t let me have. He has had possession of the house for the last year and the realtor told me the house is pretty bad.

I had the home appraised in March and it was appraised at $154,000.

Now the realtor says he can only get $120,000 for it (Its my husbands realtor).

So I would like to go through another realtor to buy the house back - is there a way to do that so he does not know its me buying our house? ???

There is not really anyway you could do this without loosing some of the interests in this house. Are you wanting to keep the property for a while or are you wanting to sell it in a few years to get the equity out of it.

I would look into possibly finding an investor that would be willing to buy the property and put it into a land trust. You could then either occupy the property yourself and pay the investor rent or find someone to rent it out. Then a few years down the road you could sell the property and split the profits 50/50 with the investor.

This is the only way that I can think of if you are just wanting to get the equity out of the property without your husband really knowing that you are trying to maintain an interest in the property.

If this is something you might be interested in doing let me know and we can maybe work something out.

Could not agree more jk4138 that is the best way!

Yes, if you try to buy the property yourself you will be hit with “arm length” costs. That is, because you are effectively buying from yourself (same surname). Typically I have seen them about prime + 3-4% so not cheap and then they require 20%+ down. Of course there are exceptions …

the trust sounds like the best idea. The other alternative would be to create an LLC and purchase the property under that so that it becomes a company asset. However, the company would not have a credit score so this might be nigh on impossible. Further, you are registered as the company owner so anonymity would be erased through discovery.

Trusts are also tax free up to a certain value - in FL last year it was about 875k (give or take) … my memory is going bad and I am only 31 :slight_smile: