Hello All!

I need suggestions on how to located distressed properties for wholesale or fix and flip deals other than driving around. Any suggestions?


My partner in San Antonio works in a great niche of distressed home wholesaling. 17% cap, no repairs by investor. Personally, I think a new investor (like I am as well) should team up with a good mentor and learn the ropes from him or her, rather than trying to figure out the distressed home business alone.

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I always recommend finding a good mentor, preferably one that does not charge you.

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You can put out bandit signs. place ads on craigslist, send out mailers to absentee owners etc… cold call for rent signs and ask if they would be interested in selling the property or any other properties they may have if not ask if theyre looking to buy to ad to theyre porfolio.

You can follow ChuckFromMichigan’s instructions.