Distressed Property Lists

Does anyone use distressed property lists to get leads on properties that have been either condemed, ordered vacant, or have building code violations? If so, I would love to hear what kind of luck you are having with these leads.

Also, where would I call to find a distressed property list? I’m thinking it would be the county courthouse, but I’m not too sure. Any input would be much appreciated.


I don’t believe you will find such list.

Sometime I see stuff advertised in the paper. But they mostly have phone number’s for you to call. Then they want you to pay.
Goog luck if you find a real one.

I wouldn’t trust such a list even if I did find one. These are the kinds of lists that some so-called data collection services put together to sell to investors. Many times, lists like these contain information that’s incomplete, outdated or nothing more than public records that are compiled into a different format.

The situations you mentioned are all monitored and controlled by your local government. It’s most likely the town or county government where you live that enforces building standards and issues code violations. Depending on how big your municipality is, you may find information on various property situations in different departments (building, zoning, code enforcement) or all together in one office. Each deaprtment has a list of some sort for their own use. However, I don’t know that it’s in the job descripton to publish such lists on a regualr basis.

Rather than look for some list, you’re much better off getting to know people in your local government and asking them what’s going on in their world.

How do you do this? Volunteer to serve in your community!

I’m a Cubmaster for my son’s pack and have made two contacts on my county’s code enforcement board who’s boys are the pack. They have helped me track down information on a couple of prospective deals. One even helped me spur an owner to action by taking action to enforce some code violations a vacant property.

Get to know people. Help them and they’ll help you.