Distressed Properties

I have been having a difficult time finding distressed properties. I have been all over the paper, FSBO signs, looking for signs of vacancy. Any ideas?


Any real estate agent working with you?
if not maybe you should look for one.
they have better information on what is out there…
otherwise the internet…look in the MLS, forclosure listing sites (paid)
www.realtor.com is one place you can check but the description there is not great. I found it better to go to agents websites directly 'cause they are more detailed although it is very difficult this way ,they are to many to sift through.

Good Luck!

I do have an agent, and they have helped out a bit, but I am looking to obtain even more properties. Anyone work with Bank REO’s and foreclosures?

With bank REO’s, should I begin by simply calling local bank branches, asking them if they have REO departments? Should I start working through the corporate offices?

Thaks all!

for bank reo’s start with the listing agent. someone once told me that in order to get the bank to accept your offer, bid within 10% of the asking price. try it and see.

What market are you in? Maybe we can help. We come across distressed propeties all the time.

I am in the Albuquerque area… any tips would be great, thanks!

Sorry, New Mexico is out of our market. Chicago, Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York and Arizona are where we had the best chances to help.

well if you ever find out anything in the albuquerque area, feel free to post it up, I will find it (love that search function!)