Distressed and foreclosure homes

How do you find distressed and foreclosure homes in houston texas

Hey Lindsey,

Trying looking around your area for a realtor who deals in foreclosures, also look in the paper, or at the county registrars office!!!

Good Luck!!!


When i go to the county registrars office what do i look for and who do i talk to.

When you get there, ask someone at the desk, im not sure how your county works.

Ask them where can i find distress and foreclosure homes?

:DI did this the other day, in Northern Va area, ask for a back taxes owed list that maybe going to a lawyer whos going to foreclose on, or at least this is what i can do… I understand texas laws are different … i used to live up in fort worth… let me know if you finde anything you might want to sell I have brother in Humble whos looking for a new place to live…