Discontinuance Deadline

Hi, I hope some one could answer my question.
If I was in the process of foreclosure, and my deadline for the foreclosure sale date is 6/15/07, the Discontinuance Deadline date was 6/4/07. Can I still sell my house before the foreclosure sale date or before the Discontinuance Deadline? or what?
Thank you

I’m so sorry.

Legally you no longer have the option. However, don’t give up hope. If you have a buyer call the bank. Fax them the signed purchase contract and proof of funds. It is extremely unlikely the bank wants your home back. If you tell them that you MIGHT have a buyer they may postpone the auction. I’ve seen a boatload of auctions postponed for no reason whatsoever.

Understand that you are not thinking clearly. Foreclosure is extraordinarily stressful. Put one foot in front of the other and KEEP ON GOING!


Thank You for your insight.
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