Im taking my Loan Officer course in May so i called up today to see exactly what is going to be going on in class. So after asking about the time and fee’s of the course i asked about requirments to graduating the class… Turns out theres not a test, work or anything that you need to do… All you need to do is show up and do your time and if you want they can put your name in a database and send out your name to hiring companies… Im kinda disappointed anybody can just go in and graduate :banghead. Its also the most known and crediable mortgage school in the area… Do you think this is right?

Pay for degree program eh? Wonder if they have one for Havard Law?

I suggest you skip the class and start applying to large national banks as a loan officer. They will train you for free, give you leads, and give you a draw during training. Now is not the best time to start your career in the mortgage industry, especially as a broker, but working for someone like Bank of America or Wells Fargo will make it a lot easier to start.

exactly… but the thing is this school pretty much has you hired by the time you sign up, you get job offers left and right and not from small time companies only century 21, post office, banks, etc. i just feel that if they dont give a final test how do you know if your going to know enough to not get fired as soon s you start at a company that expects you to know certian things

What would they be looking for in an applicant if they are untrained to start? Good work record at previous places of employment? What types of jobs would be good on a resume that would show an aptitude for this sort of work? Probably not a route I would go but may be helpful to the OP.

Im guessing theylike the fact that a person is being somewhat trainned before apply to be a lan officer at the first time…Its helps them spend less time and money trainnning you