Disappointed in lease sharing

I recenty asked for some expereinced investors to share their leases. I have a few that I have been experimenting with but do not feel well protected using them.

I understand some lease clauses are state specific, but some of the other stuff may be helpful to me or others.

It’s not like I’m asking for an SSN or something. If I had a lease I had some confidence in I would share it. Even if I paid an attoreny to review it.

:-\ :-\ :-\I have to say I’m a little disappointed. :-\ :-\ :-\

I’m sorry you are disappointed. I’m going to assume that most people fall into two categories: a) they are using a generic lease, or b) they’ve paid for their lease and have agreed not to share it.

The generic lease you can purchase at your local stationery store – the second you can see why it wasn’t shared (that is my case).

Find a landlord guru for your state and see if they offer a lease for sale that conforms to your state’s laws which is as tough as it can be.

My best to you.

I spoke to one prospective tenant who told me her current landlord had a 17 page lease. Mercy, that guy must have been burned.

Is there any way you can get a copy of a local apartment association lease? Those leases are well-recognized by tenants, but often have a great deal of protection for landlords. You won’t be able to use it, but you can say you used the same wording that’s available in the “standard” apartment association lease.

The leases also protect the tenants, so don’t be too greedy at striking those clauses. I’ve found that a fair lease is the best way to go if both parties are going to build trust. It also makes you look like less of a bad landlord if a judge has to read it later.

I say just hire a real estate attorney to create a lease for you. OR, read your state’s statutes regarding residential real estate leases and create your own with their guidelines. You will likely be able to find that on the Internet.
Good luck!

Hey, all thank you for the replies.

It’s not the legal verbage I am looking for. It’s that stuff that tells them to maintian a certian temperate during the winter or they are responsible for frozen pipes. The clauses that tell them to follow the rules and the rules may change from time to time.

Anything about pets. What repairs they are responsible for. Who provides the appliances.

That kind of stuff. ANYTHING!!! HELP!!

Dee: Yes I did what you said and got a property manager’s lease. Boy could THAT guy use some help. I though I was vulnerable. But it was a good idea and I will try a different association.

RIOT33: May attorney will review any lease I bring her for free. But we discussed the different types of properties and situations and determined 1 standard lease will not cover all. It would be cost prohibitive and still may not meet my needs.

Tami: I can certainly understand an agreement not to share a lease. Wouldn’t ask someone to violate that.

Thanks for all the input. I have still yet to receive 1 lease, or even a piece of one. :-[


Hi Jeff! Check your personal e-mail that you gave me a few weeks ago. I will send you my house lease and my apartment lease. It’s a Minnesota lease, so I’m sure some changes will need to be made for your state.


Thank you T !

Hoo-RAY! My prayers have been answered. I haven’t gotten completely through it yet but that is EXACTLY what I am looking for. I can’t thank you enough!

Ask and ye shall find. Here at reiclub.com


As advertised, Jeff, I’ve sent you a copy of mine, too along with a LBP Addendum for rental units (required if the unit was constructed prior to 1978.

Sorry it took so long!


More great stuff, Keith. Thank you! My lease cup runneth over. I can feel the stress being lifted. This lease thing was really bugging me.


Are you better now? Less dispondent? Will you come in off the roof now?

LOL…just kidding of course!

Take the best of all that you get and make your own…you gotta love word processors!