Direct Marketing - Rifle or Shotgun?

I am curious how some pros here implement their direct marketing. I am going to start sending out postcards to people, but wonder if it’s best to target select groups (i.e., divorce, inheritance, leins, etc.) or just send the material out to certain individuals in a geographic region (i.e., every 3rd or 4th household on a street)?

I can see advantages and disadvantages to both, but was wondering how some of the seasoned REI’s here do it. Thanks!


Both can be effective. The important thing is to choose a list that is appropriate to the kinds of deals you want to find. The more targeted the list the higher response will probably be and the more you can afford to spend on your mailings. If you are just sending postcards, which are cheap, you can afford to send out to a geographic area if you are looking for deals in a certain area.

Once you pick a list to market to, it is important to follow up a few more times to get the best response.

Hope that helps a bit,