Direct Marketing Newbie Question

Hi everyone,

Just a few quick questions regarding direct marketing…

I’m interested in marketing to homeowners that may not necessarily be behind on payments, but rather have owned their house for a while and need to sell for XYZ reasons.

  1. What company out there is able to provide me with a list of homeowners that owned their house for about 5-10 years in X number of area codes?

  2. Who are you guys using to actually print and mail out postcards? I read somewhere the USPS may be a good choice.


Just about every one of them provide these information. You can also get it from a local list broker. As far as online ones goes, I usually order them from:

Printing wise, it depends on who is doing the designs. I design my own and I use online printers to print my post cards and mail them to me.

Most counties have their data online now. If you are targeting a specific area, you could look up the PIN’s for that area then maybe go to the County Recorder of Deeds and see if a mortgage has been recorded in the last 10 years or so.

I just use the good ole for my postcards I send!

even some of the larger list brokers/companys
use what is called the “POLK” dirrectory do a
search in google.

try RealQuest for data.

Why…because you can run this search yourself…and about 1000 other searches as well.

Then when the seller calls in you have your comps right there.

Use Mail Processing Center (google them) out of Knoxville for your mailings…I sent about 600k pieces of mail through them and they were simply fantastic.

They know the real estate business inside and out.

Hope this helps

Matt Gerchow

So, whats the diff between RealQuest and the other list services? Perhaps i missed something, I checked out RealQuest and i dont see a list feature… So, im not sure how i can get a list out of RealQuest? I can search for an individual prop but not a search based on demographics, age of loan, purchase date, etc…


You can actually find these things in webmaster forums :slight_smile: Try looking for site DB sales, and they are way cheaper!

Try searching for country / county database in google. :slight_smile: It will give you some useful sites… some are as cheap as $25.