Direct Marketing/Mailings: Bulk Rate a No-Go?

Okay, I’m at a sticking point in setting up my direct mail campaign. I’m using postcards, so the fact that there’s no stamp, which makes it look less ‘personal’, isn’t that relevant (since they see the message no matter what, no need to use real stamps to give the ‘personal’ appearance). But, I read in a course that bulk rate mail has a HORRIBLE rate of delivery. I’m not gonna mention who’s course it is, because I know he knows his stuff, and I don’t want to make him look dumb if it’s not the case, because he could’ve meant 5% undelivered (instead of teh 50% printed in his course). The course is outstanding, and I actually have met and seen him in person and know he typically is very sharp on these things.

So, is that true, does bulk rate really have a worse delivery rate than just using stamps? If so, how much worse? I’m thinking maybe it could’ve even been a local problem he was experiencing, I don’t see how the usps could justify having a worse delivery rate for one type of postage over another, doesn’t seem right… :banghead

He may mean the ones sent to “current residence” rather than you providing the list. If you have a list, then bulk rate or stamped is delivered the same way. As far as stamp on post cards goes, it shouldn’t make a difference because they can see that it is not personal mail.

What type of people are you marketing too?

Sometimes it pays to just a certain group of people rather then mailing the whole town.

Just curious to what type of mailing you are doing.