Direct Marketing Letters

My target is expired listings. Does anyone know where I can get a simple letter for free that I can at least get an ideal of what to say. Yes, I am very new at this and would apprecate any help that I can get. And if there are any suggestions on how often, or many, etc that would be helpful too. Thank you. :biggrin

I have 49 letters for expireds, FSBOs, FRBOs, NODs, and Generic.

When I mail I use 3 different types of mail… and mail out a series of letters to the prospect.

My goal is to have them call me… And it works… But you have to have a mail merge system as well to make it easy…

Good Luck

Michael Quarles

I use a website that sends these letter automatically every month.

Not a bad price and it has been very good.

I am starting a drip marketing system with letters that I have/will be writting starting the first of the year. I just do not know what to use to keep track of where I am at for all the prospects. Any suggestions?

I have used an Excel Spreadsheet in the past. Each column is a seperate mail date. Pretty simple.

I’d still be interested in how other folks keep track…

I used to use a binder system for my mail. In the days when I bought just a few houses. I am so glad those days are over. My first automated system was software sold by FINIS called “Agent Office”. It wasn’t too bad but it was a real estate agents software system so I had to trick it to use as an investor. Also it wasn’t web based which was a hassle. The second system I spent 40k bringing in ACT software people and they created an Intranet system for me… It worked well until we had too much information in the data base. The last one cost me 1.75million and its awesome. The software handles the action plans and prints the correct letter to the corresponding seller automatically. Friggin simple…

Because I mail out 15 pieces of mail per prospect group I had to have a system to manage the entire process.

Being web based I can be anywhere and see what my escrow people are doing, when payments are due, when renters payments are due, what repairs I’ve done, what inspection have been done, showing instructions, seller and buyer scripts. Heck I don’t even need to take a contract with me as long as the seller has a computer with internet connection. Everything I need is at my fingertips…

Michael Quarles