Direct Mails

I have had great success with direct mail. I use a postcard that has received a response rate

as high as 10-12%. I usually gear my direct mail efforts to absentee homeowners and have

been able to maintain a consistent stream of motivated seller leads. I use click2mail to really

streamline the process.

Thanks for the advertisement…

I can send a post card that says “I will buy your house above market values and give you $20,000” and get higher than 10-20% response rate. The service you’re advertising has nothing to do with it.

Thanks for the response…it is true that you can put anything on a postcard and get a great response rate! I can advertise that I am giving away a million dollars!

The post cards I use are VERY personalized messsage and I think that is what brings in the high response rate. What I like about the system that I follow is that I have found a way to make direct mail scalable and predictable. I have done many forms of marketing for motivated sellers and not one compares to direct mail.

I know that if I mail out 1000 postcards that I will get a minimum of 60 calls and as high as 120. That way I can turn my marketing on and off so to speak and can produce consistent results. That is the way to making this a full time business.

I don’t understand the reason for your post. Do you want a medal?
We are here to share information. You are not sharing. Are you trying to sell something?

I think he is trying to give good information. If you’re marketing is not getting you that high a response maybe you might want to ask what list he is sending too and try it.
Don’t knock it until you try it.

I have seen your post on a few newsgroups. Do you care to share your letter with everyone. I will post mine here as good faith:

I have not gotten 10-12% response rate.


My name is Jonathan Rexford and my company is interested in buying your property located at {PROPERTY_ADDRESS} in {PROPERTY_CITY}. We are looking to buy several houses each month. Should you have any interest in selling quickly and easily at a fair price, please call me at 772-321-2290. You can also visit us at to submit “property information” form and get the ball rolling. If you’re not interested in selling this property now, please keep this card for future reference. If your property is currently listed with a real estate brokerage firm please disregard this card. We have purchased several homes in this area.

Jonathan Rexford

The reason I have been posting is to talk about marketing efforts and what is working. I figured that if I have shared my success it would spark some good conversation. For whatever reason I have had success with direct mail and absentee homeowners

I talked about click2mail as that is a free resource for mailing that makes life very very easy.

I also mentioned being able to scale your business because if you are not able to track your marketing you will be out of business very quickly.

Is this not helpful information or info worth talking about?

If you say that you will pay above market value and give $20k, what happens when they call and you can’t do what you advertised?

Here is a little trick I picked up from some guru in the 80’s:

If you send someone a short letter, follow up a few days later with the same exact letter but crumple it up first and then smooth it out a bit and include a short note saying something like, “please don’t throw this away again, etc…”

It gets to them to thinking and sometimes they will call you back…


I never said I do :slight_smile: I was making a point that anyone can get high volume in calls, that does not mean they are good leads. That is more important is the quality of the leads not the volume.