Direct Mailing before Thanksgiving

Do you guys think it makes sense to mail the letters this week (vacant props)?
I am thinking that thanksgiving is around the corner, and people are not thinking about their problems. But then again - extra cash for the holidays?..

Whats the cost of the letters?

50 letters x $.41=$20.5

Send them, worse case scenario you get no return on a $20.

Sending letters this time of the year can be a real turkey.

Hey you never know where your next seller or buyer are lurking. Remember it only takes one.

But you better get at it…Thanksgiving is ummmmm…tomorrow!



All I have to say is mail mail mail…

Good Luck


So, did you go through with it sniper?

I would be interested to see how well that worked for you during the holiday. I would think it wouldn’t do that well, but then again, I have never tried it.

Yes, I have sent the letters: 37 letters were sent, 7 were returned as undeliverable, got 3 phone calls (no deals).
thus, the response ratio was 10%