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I’m another new guy just starting out. I decided to try and find some motivated sellers by searching through the obituaries. I’ve been able to do reverse lookups and get addresses for the individual that have passed away. I know, it sounds a bit sick. I’m not good at marketing/writing letters and was wondering if there are any sites that post letters that I could use. I don’t want it to seem like I scan through the papers looking at the obituaries section or do I? Who would I address this letter to? (Dear Friend, Dear HomeOwner, etc). I also want to contact some probate lawyers and try and work something out with them (possible have them pass my card out or have him give me some contact info or however it works). I’m not sure how to approach this. Is there a script available? I just want to do things right the first time?
Thanks in advance

NEVER use the same card or letter that your competition uses. :wink:

Use your own letter or post card and allow your personality to shine in its content, just be yourself and above all be honest it works everytime.
Good luck.


I would like to commend you for using direct mail. It is a very useful form of marketing.

I search the County Health Dept. For a List of Death Certificates Issued and NewsPapers for Obituaries!
Is This Morbid? No!
Make a List of Obituaries or Death Certificates
Search to See If Property Is Owned
You Can Help Family Liquidate Real Estate
You Offer a Quick Sale
Be Sensitive
You Help Keep Probate Cost Down
You Help Them with Closure

I hope this may help.

Dear property owner I am interested in the property at (Property Address).

We may have some interest in your property.

I can offer a fast close.
I pay all closing cost.
I take care of all repairs.

Please call us if you have an interest in discussing the purchase of your property.


Good info,

Nice phrases :smiley: